In mid-May, if you had seen me on the street you would have had no idea that I actually had one foot on Earth and one in Narnia!  Everything I looked at had the potential to suddenly bloom into inspiration for Narnia–a throw on the couch, a hardware catalog, a twisted tree branch dangling over the road.  It was like a treasure hunt where there are no clues until suddenly a treasure pops up right in front of you. What do you do?  You cry “Onward to Narnia!” as you seize the treasure.  😀

Finding design elements early on in the planning stage avoids feeling rushed to find the right thing at the end.  It also spreads the fun out over a longer period of time!  If done judiciously, it can even push the plans in the right direction;  the key is to not lock myself into something I’ll regret later.

The first Aslan element arrived on May 12:  a sale-priced door knocker from Van Dyke’s Restorers.  I soon realized that with one more, I would have the pulls to open the double doors of the Wardrobe.  

I also picked up the two “thrones” that Kara and I found on an antiquing expedition.  It’s obvious that this one needs reupholstering; that’s why I got it for a song.  It looks pretty straightforward, and I’ve always wanted to try reupholstering something, so what better place to start?  This will make a marvelous throne for kings and queens of Narnia to sit in with a book on a rainy afternoon!

(Stay tuned for the saga of King Peter’s Throne!  Like any remodeling project, it will prove more complicated than it looks!)

This throne needs a lot less TLC–mainly some gold spray paint, glue-on jewels, and a new velvet seat.  And I got it for a song, too.

Reliks, the antique store where a helpful owner pulled King Peter’s Throne from a hidden recess, also yielded a wonderful crown for a Narnian Queen.  And as my sister so aptly (and cleverly) pointed out, finding this tiara was the crowning moment of our shopping spree!  🙂

The final thing I did that same week was pick up four of these over-sized throws at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I love those 20 % off coupons!  In case you couldn’t tell, these are “fur” blankets for the Kings’ and Queens’ beds!  The nicest thing about them is that no animals were harmed in making them!  And they can go right in the washer and dryer!  

Our two local Bed Bath & Beyond stores didn’t carry these throws that I found online, so I ordered them.  They’re even better than they looked online!  They will be the bedspreads for the Kings’ and Queens’ berths on the Dawn Treader–and since they’re washable, they can be pulled off the beds to become royal capes!