By May 17 Aslan was on the move!  In fact, he came home to Narnia–or at least he came to our home where Narnia is in the works. 

Being a fond Mimi, I pop into Learning Express from time to time.  One day in early May I saw a giant stuffed tiger high on a shelf.  I told the sales clerk that if they had a lion, I would have bought it.  Helpfully, she told me they had a lion at their other store and she could bring it to this store for me.  So a few days later I stopped by with my grandson.  As soon as I saw the lion, I knew he was Aslan!  And I knew he was coming home with us.  

I thought my grandson might be intimidated by Aslan, but he was fascinated.  Hmm, how do you explain to a one year-old that he must never do this with a REAL lion?  When we got back to his house with Aslan, he ran to his mama, pointed to the van and said “Li’.”  He wanted her to go right over and see Aslan!

After our photo op, it was time for Aslan and me to head home.  Aslan got to ride up front (although I did end up turning him to look out the side window so he wouldn’t block my side view mirror). 

Once home, I ensconced Aslan on the chaise longue.  Several times both Herb and I walked into the room and did a double-take seeing him there.  He’s really VERY life-like!  Our big black watchdog Hero was outside all afternoon.  When he finally came inside with Didi, I was resting on the couch.

Suddenly I heard murderous growls followed by thunderous barking, peal after peal of warning barks.  I realized Hero was staring across the room at Aslan!  Obviously I’m not the only one who thinks he’s very lifelike!  Didi finally had to carry Aslan upstairs because Hero would not come near him, even to lie down on his favorite rug.  Little Zephyr had no such prejudice.

I was definitely hoping our granddaughter would react more like her brother than like Hero when she finally met Aslan!  She wouldn’t have much fun hiding behind a chair!  I was a bit worried because once when we discussed Aslan the lion, she told me “lions are scary.”

I figured some pre-emptive action was called for.  When I found an adorable stuffed lion at Hobby Lobby, I got it for my granddaughter along with a cheetah for my grandson.  Their Mama says the “big” cats are the kids’ favorite toys and go everywhere with them.  Guess what our granddaughter named hers?  And when she met the real Aslan (well OUR real Aslan), she buried her face in his neck and hugged and hugged and hugged him.  Whew!  I’m glad both the GKs are fans now!