We bought this house in September, 2008, and moved in early November.

The house had a lot going for it:  twenty-nine acres of hilly fields and woods, two pastures for my horses to graze in, two barns . . . 

. . . and that view out the back door that told us instantly, “You’re home!” 

The house came with an attic that was almost ready to go.  It had electric, HVAC ducts and plumbing.  As soon as I looked in it, I knew that it was our future grandkids’ dorm (even though our first grandchild wasn’t due till December).  Even more, I knew the attic would be Narnia.  I could almost see the wardrobe door leading into it; the lamp post in the middle of the floor; ship berths under the slanted roof; a stone table under the window; and bookshelves down the middle of the room to hold the 600 kids’ books I collected so our children would have English books to read overseas.

Charis was born in December, 2008 . . .

Her brother Kol joined the family in January, 2011 . . .

. . . and still the attic waited, rather like a large, sleepy bear not quite ready to wake from hibernation.  It waited for Aslan to come and breathe it into life!