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When we bought this place, one of the great things about it was the double-wide trailer out behind our house where our college-age daughter Kara could live.  Recently she’s realized that when she graduates from college she’ll be ready to move closer to town, and we’ve realized that we need some room for kids and grandkids to stay. So the question arose: Should we make numerous repairs over at Kara’s house or convert our attic to get the space we need?  Real estate and financial wisdom came down on the side of the attic.   In order to have enough room, we will need to move over into this dormer over our bedroom. Here it is inside . . .

Here it is from outside.  There will be a window in the left dormer and a “parents’ bedroom” will fill the space . . .

As we looked over the spacious attic with our architect, Ann Aiken, she caught the vision for how it could be breathed into life as Narnia.  The parents’ bedroom will be Aslan’s Tent; the bathroom will be The Lodge* and the main attic (pictured in the previous post) will be the grandkids’ portion of Narnia.  (Of course I know that Aslan’s Tent and the The Lodge were all actually in Narnia, but I’m taking some poetic license and referring to the kids’ bedroom as Narnia.)  It will have the wardrobe entrance, the Lamp Post, the Stone Table and Dawn Treader style berths.  And that’s just the beginning! 

* NOTE:  The Lodge is my name for the residence of the kind woodland creatures that came to the children’s rescue in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”  They are very large rodents with flat tails, and they cut down trees and make dams.  You know what I’m talking about;  I do, too.  I haven’t forgotten their name–I just can’t put it in this blog!  I did use their name in a previous blog, and unfortunately that innocent mistake brought unwelcome visitors to my blog. In an effort to keep my Narnia safe, I was forced to abandon that blog and start over here.  Please bear with me and just call it a sign of the times.  😦

Over a year ago I was captivated by this photo in Victorian Homes magazine.  This has become my inspiration for the ceiling of Narnia.  I’m not planning on painting trees, just using the dark-blue-to-light-blue fading on our slanted ceiling over the main area of Narnia.  The berths will be clad in paneling to give a ship-shape feel, and the kids will be able to gaze out from their beds at the “sky.”  One of those turtle nightlights will provide the stars.  Strands of fairy lights would look more real, but it’s much easier to change a turtle’s batteries than to climb up to the ceiling and replace fairy lights!

Georgia Lambert’s bedroom, left.  Photograph from “Through the Eyes of an Artist,” Victorian Homes, Feb. 2011


Georgia Lambert’s bedroom, right side.  Photograph from “Through the Eyes of an Artist,” Victorian Homes, Feb. 2011


As the elements of the room come together, I’ll be sharing them on this blog.