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I was just doing a Google search to see if my new “meta tag” is working, and I stumbled upon a fascinating tidbit.  Someone before me actually created Narnia in HER attic for her kids!  Here’s a link to Jill Tupper’s blog.  There’s only this one post describing Jill’s Narnia, but now I know I’m not the only one crazy enough to do this!

One thing I’m definitely doing differently–no furs in the wardrobe!  As a ferret lover, I can’t stand to think of ermine and mink; and while I’m not a fan of foxes, I still don’t want a dead one hanging in my grandkids’ play room!  But I have been saving dress-up clothes for a long time, and the ones that won’t fit in the wardrobe will go in an antique travel trunk cum treasure chest.  I’m sure I can find a down jacket (ducks don’t have to die to give down) somewhere as a stand-in for the furs.  Ideas are always percolating, and I’m sure Jill’s blog will give me some more!