Where, oh where is the Royal Peanut-Butter-Face-Wiper-Off-er when you need her?!

Our grandson’s crown is a Pier One headband.  All it needs is some (faux) jewels glued onto each scallop, and he’s ready to hold court.  He can also turn his crown into a necklace, which he already did.

Finding this at Pier One (also at World Market) inspired me to create a more feminine version for his sister.

Our granddaughter is modeling a home-made crown, created with ribbon and jewels from Michaels craft store and a handy piece of elastic that’s been languishing in Mimi’s rarely used sewing box.  

These crowns will definitely be more comfortable for little heads than metal tiaras.  Besides, they’re so easy to make, I can make a different one for every grandchild.

This is why I’m a pack-rat. Someday I know I will need that (whatever) I’m saving!