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In my last post about the plans for Narnia, our best-laid plans had, indeed, to quote Robert Burns “gang aft agley.”  (wiki-translation: gone often awry)  Well, they’d twice gone awry, and so we asked Stuart Bickley, our contractor, to come meet with us one more time on Thursday afternoon.

He wasn’t put out because, as he pointed out, it’s much better to confer about what we should do on this end than in the middle of construction!

We went over his figures together, and what finally became clear was that Plan Two was going to come very close in cost to Plan One.  Yes, the LVLs in Plan One cost more, but the skylights in Plan Two ended up costing almost as much by the time installation and labor were included.

We then trooped upstairs, along with Kara, to take a look at the attic.  As we discussed pros and cons of the two plans, Kara put her two cents in.  She told Stuart her idea of combining the two plans, and he instantly caught on to the advantages of it.  A huge one was not having to install the tricky LVLs in the middle of a bathroom with plumbing and shower height to consider.

And here I must confess that Kara was right all along!  Of course, my objection to her idea originally was that we would still have to cut rafters and install LVLs, but now that we knew that wasn’t more costly, my objection evaporated.

We all got on board with The Plan and began to get excited.  Houston, we have ignition!  

I spent the rest of the evening cutting, pasting, whiting out, measuring and re-drawing lines until FINALLY we had a Plan!

Here it is:

The office will become my craft room.  In fact, we spent Saturday moving most of my stuff in.  I’ll be working at it bit by bit, but I’m excited to have a place where I can go make a creative mess and not bother anyone!  Zephyr has already adopted it and loves to follow me up there.

The rest of the plan is pretty self-explanatory except perhaps the shelves in the open area of the hall.  What we actually end up building in will depend on how the head room works out there.  We all agreed there are just some things we’ll have to wait and see about . . .

Friday I went to the county Planning Office and began the Permit process.  I was then sent a few steps down the hall to the state Environmental Office where they could not find a plan on file for our septic system.  (Mr. Blevins, our septic expert, says that’s no surprise!)  When I stabbed my finger in the Yellow Pages (actually, I looked to see who had the biggest ad), I lucked out by choosing Blevins Septic because they know and like him at Environmental, and that’s going to make things much easier.

So bright and early Tuesday morning, Blevins will be here to uncover the tank for the Environmental inspector later that morning; they’ll pump the tank at the same time.  We’ve lived here four years, and the guy that lived here for three years before had no idea when it was last pumped.  Seeing as it should be done every five years according to Mr. Blevins, I’d say it’s about time!

And if all goes well, Stuart could be here to begin work by late next week. 

Houston, prepare for lift-off!