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All was not lost during our Molasses Period.  To ease the frustration of w.a.i.t.i.n.g., I started digging through things I had packed away when we moved to this smaller house.  My plastic storage bins were a treasure trove of Narnia-bilia!

These two beautiful Korean floor cushions will be perfect on the Stone Table for someone to sit on and read.

These cushions I bought years ago at Southeastern Salvage fit into the Moroccan-Run-Amok theme of Aslan’s Tent.  I kind of like the poetic sound of that, but we could also call the theme Bazaar Style, a term I recently encountered in a decorating book.

I was VERY excited when I found this batik we bought in the Central African Republic in 1985.  It looks exactly like a scene from “The Horse and His Boy” except Shasta never went after Aslan with a spear–he was too terrified!

I have lots of Moroccan shawls and pieces of fabric collected from our travels to Spain and Morocco as well as from the Arab Quarter in Marseille when we lived in the south of France.  If anyone wants to visit North Africa without actually going there, Marseille’s Arab Quarter makes a good substitute–minus the camels!!

To celebrate our anniversary late in June, I  told Herb that one thing I wanted to do was go to Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, AL.  There I found the perfect little Eustace-dragon.

These enormous lengths of brightly colored pieced fabric were a steal at $6 apiece at Unclaimed Baggage.  I’m planning to use them to help make the sides of Aslan’s Tent.  The purple fabric and green rug fit right in.  Kara has a satiny lavender comforter she doesn’t use any more, and it is made to order for this color scheme.

“Just checking” at Lowes’ one day I found our perfect Lamppost.  We’ll paint it black, as one of the online reviewers had done, and we think Aslan will feel right at home!

During an earlier trip to Southeastern Salvage with Kara, we picked out the sink for The Lodge bathroom.  We bought the dark bronze drain and waterfall faucet to go with it.  It has a definite lodg-ish look to it!  And I converted Kara to a Southeastern Salvage fan!

Shortly after that we were bumming at Go Fish on the North Shore in Chattanooga and found this fabulous mirror to go above the sink.  It would make any lodge-builder happy!  I had thought of making one, but I can’t buy a plain mirror and make it for what this cost.

The last treasure I found in a rare moment when I wasn’t even thinking about Narnia.  I went into Tractor Supply with Didi one day, and there was our Lodge trash can, sitting right there!  It looks like the inhabitants emptied a barrel of salted fish and turned it into a bathroom waste basket.

This great old fishing basket I’ve hung onto for several years will encase a simple pendant light in The Lodge.  It will give the look of an expensive chicken-wire-covered light fixture I found online–and it’s an original!

My plan for the ceiling treatment involves fish nets from Hobby Lobby with twigs and driftwood intertwined in the nets, then hung from the ceiling.  At least, that’s the plan!

Kara has some great chandeliers in her house which she’s said we can take.  One is this forest fantasy one which I plan to use in the Library at Cair Paravel.  Of course, we’ll have the electrician put the banal big box store bulbs back up for her.  (Gotta love that alliteration!)

Kara’s living room chandelier will look marvelous in Aslan’s Tent.  I’m glad she has such excellent taste!  Fortunately, I have a nice freebie we can hang for her in its place.

Credit for the most brilliant (excuse the pun) lighting idea for Narnia goes to . . . KARA!  She originally offered us her fabulous 70’s “sun” lamp.  Then one day she called me from one of my favorite antiquing haunts, Knitting Mill Antiques, to say she’d found one just like it, except it was ready to hang as a chandelier.  When I asked the dealer’s best price, he said $99, just what I had wished I could get it for.  

Since ours is sitting in a box, Kara’s will make a good stand-in.  I can’t wait to see what kind of beautiful patterns the “sun” casts on the Narnian sky! 

I finally followed Kara’s advice, and on my way home one day I stopped at Lumber Liquidators. There I found a beautiful hand-scraped bamboo flooring that looks like it was taken from the “Dawn Treader’s” deck.  It’s a good thing I didn’t actually buy it that day even though the sale was almost over (stay tuned to find out why), but even the regular price comes in under the flooring allowance Stuart’s estimate gives us.  

With such a deck underfoot, all we need is the rocking of the ship to make the GKs feel like they’re really on board with Prince Caspian . . .  Never fear, I have a plan for that!