Every construction project has its share of “oops!” moments.  We had our first one today.  I’d like to think it will be the last, but I doubt it!


Yes, one of the guys fell through the study ceiling!  I told them I wouldn’t ask who it was; I would only ask if everyone was okay.  “Let’s keep it like the military used to be,” I told them:  “Don’t ask, don’t tell!”

Meanwhile, nothing was broken except the ceiling and the ceiling fan which was in the way.  Nothing that can’t be fixed!  I joked with the guys that I knew what really happened:  I figure they were upstairs in that crushing heat vacuuming up insulation, and one of them said, “If we just made a hole in the ceiling and pushed the insulation through, we could be vacuuming it up down where it’s air-conditioned.”

I know that didn’t really happen because they actually had to turn the AC off to keep all the insulation dust from getting sucked up in the air return.  It made the afternoon a bit hot for all of us!  But somebody did a great job of cleaning up the study, and I went over it with a dust rag and a vacuum again just to be sure.