The guys got here at 7 a.m. today.  I guess that’s my new rising time!

After I got some coffee in me, I went upstairs to see what was happening.  Of course I took the camera along.  Since no one was paying attention to me, I decided to snap a candid shot.  Oops!

Ben was operating the circular saw and the sudden flash completely startled him.  Fortunately, he did not cut anything he shouldn’t have (like himself) or I would have had another “Oops!” post.  I made a mental note not to take flash photos when someone is using a saw!

Today’s tasks included removing more insulation (I swear that stuff multiplies like rabbits!) so they could double up the floor joists that will be supporting the knee walls on both sides of the room.

Poor Zephyr has to spend a fair amount of each day in her crate because the saw drives her crazy, and so does the hammering.  As they go “Bang, bang, BANG!” upstairs, she is downstairs barking, “Woof, woof, WOOF!”

They carried the plywood up the stairs–and if it was 2″ longer, they wouldn’t have made it!  When they’re ready to install the LVLs though, they will be too long to go up the stairs and turn into the attic.  So the guys made themselves a ladder on the roof below. The little gray thing at the bottom is the head of our Greek statue, a good 5′ off the ground.  It’s quite a jump down at the bottom, but I must say, the kid in me thinks it looks like fun.  And then I remember that I’m a fifty-something grandmother with a bum leg.  Oh well, I can try it out in my imagination!

It’s kind of dark up here on a cloudy day.  Even with the cloud cover and four fans going full blast it’s SO hot and steamy up here.  These guys aren’t roasting, they’re being steamed like vegetables!  They’re really good sports, though.  They come down the stairs dripping with sweat and go back up carrying heavy lumber and never a word of complaint.

Reliable Heating and Air came and took out the old unit today so now the guys will be able to get to the rafters and cut a way into the dormer.  We’re still a ways out from getting the new, larger AC unit installed.  I bet they can’t wait!