A lot of commotion went on today.  Two electricians were up and down the stairs, finding which lights are on which circuits, turning them off, cutting off the internet, plus Stuart the Boss was up and down with Ben and Todd.  A fair amount of cellulose insulation is tracked all over the floor, but the guys are vacuuming it up right now.  And we saw the first two bits of wall go up today!

This knee wall has a corresponding one on the other side.  What isn’t balanced in relation to the attic is the placement of walls downstairs.  The engineer said that all the walls upstairs have to sit on a wall downstairs.  So the floor plan of Narnia is going to have to change a bit.  This wall on the left of the attic was supposed to be 16 feet long, leaving plenty of room for two twin beds with a wall between them and a storage shelf at the foot of each bed.  There’s still room for the wall between them, but no room for storage.  However, it looks like there’s going to be a funny bit of space left over which could become a small closet–but I’m thinking the kids will have lots of fun hiding in there!

This change means the parents’ bedroom will now be almost as big as Narnia, but hey, you can’t argue with the engineer!  His word is law!  It also means that the sitting area with bookshelves will be bigger than we had planned–and with 600-plus books to find room for, that has to be a good thing.

We knew all along that the plan would have to be flexible depending on what the builders would find structurally once the insulation was removed.  So this is the first flex.  Not too bad!