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This post is two for one because today I’m writing about the past two days; it’s three for one because today we had three crews working here.

Yesterday work continued on Aslan’s Tent.

The rafter at left that has “CUT” written on it ends just about where the knee wall is going to go–on top of the double LVL that the engineer required to support the knee wall.  You can see the LVL; it’s the second joist over from the plywood plank.

If you’ve been at our house, you know we joke about Zephyr having “Rules”–things we aren’t supposed to do because if we do, she barks at them.  Her biggest Rule is “No vacuum,” followed by other rules about anything that makes noise–like the vent over the stove, the food processor, the cookie pan drawer under the stove, a metal measuring tape, etc.

We’ve discovered that Zephyr has some New Rules.  Some of these involve: circular saws cutting through wood, hammers pounding on nails, things being thrown into the metal dumpster behind the house, the air compressor coming on (I don’t blame her–it makes me jump!), and especially, the nail gun shooting nails.  In other words, pretty much everything going on upstairs is against one of Zephyr’s Rules!  I’ve blocked off the foot of the stairs so she can’t go up to the attic doorway and bark at the men while they’re working, but yesterday I let her follow me up to check on the progress.

I was quite surprised.  She moved very carefully, staying on the subfloor and avoiding the insulation; maybe she sensed it was the only thing between her and the ceiling below!  She walked around and inspected things quite calmly, obeying promptly if I called her away from anything.  She was like a different dog–but once she went downstairs, she was back to her old self and the Rules were in full force!  I do think she liked seeing what was actually going on upstairs instead of only reacting to the noises she hears from downstairs.

Stuart and Todd measured for the ceiling joists in Aslan’s Tent.  In case you aren’t familiar with construction jargon, they’re popping a chalk line so they can line the ceiling joists up perfectly.  (Sorry, dear friends in France!  I have no idea how that will translate on Google!)  The pale board by Todd’s head in the photo below is the first ceiling joist to go in.

The ceiling joists over in Narnia had already been done.

That’s where everything stood as of yesterday.  Today things were lively.  The plumbers “roughed in” the bathroom plumbing (more construction jargon).  Apparently one of the plumbers had to go under the house into the crawl space, and there he came upon a snake skin (without a snake in it; the snake had left its old skin behind).  The other plumbers got a kick out of how fast he came flying out from under the house!  But apparently somebody went under the house and did whatever had to be done, because the plumbing rough-in is done and ready for inspection.

Chris, the electrician, and Nick, his helper, were up and down and all over figuring out the wiring upstairs.  They had to cut wires that used to sprawl across the attic so they could move them in between the floor joists; you can’t lay a floor on top of wiring!

They drilled holes judiciously through the joists and threaded the wires where they needed to go, then joined them together in several junction boxes.  Chris is kneeling on one of the larger junction boxes in what will become attic crawl space.  Architects obviously never have to crawl under houses or behind walls in attics or else they’d design houses with “walk spaces” instead of “crawl spaces!”

Their whole day’s work reminds me of some kind of puzzle untangling giant spaghetti that zaps you if you make a mistake!  But they didn’t make any mistakes–everything’s working the way it should now that they’re done.  There’s even wiring coming up in the middle of the floor of Narnia, ready for the Lamp Post.

Stuart and Todd were busy today, too.  The ceiling joists in Aslan’s Tent are all in place.  Once the knee walls go up on the sides and the window is cut open, it will really be looking like a room.  Every day brings visible progress; I can’t wait to see what will happen tomorrow!