Since Zephyr was featured in the last post, Misty decided that this should be an Equal Opportunity Blog and feature her this time.  She apparently thought, “Look!  The guys left some cotton candy out here.  I’m going to have some!”

Misty, that’s not cotton candy!

We’ve learned not to leave anything below “see level,” but I had forgotten to warn Stuart.  So I moved anything potentially chew-worthy to the safe zone on top of the grill.

So there you are, Misty.  You get to star in the blog, too!

And while I’m at it, I’ll put Hero in.  He’s found a role in the remodeling project, but I refuse to post a picture of it.  He is the self-appointed Traffic Warden, marking every truck that comes and goes.  Note to self:  Keep that water bowl full so he can do his job!

Although the dogs had a busy day, the guys did, too.  At first I thought Christmas had come early and St. Nick was up on the rooftop, quick, quick, quick!  It turned out it was just Stuart and Todd.

Since Aslan’s Tent is going on top of our our bedroom and bathroom, they had to re-route our bathroom vents.  That involved cutting holes in the roof from inside, then sealing around the vents from on top of the roof.

That’s a loooong way up there with a sloping hill under the ladder legs.  Better them than me!