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Day Ten of construction started bright and early at 7:30 a.m.  Who can complain about that with a sunrise like this outside their front door?

Saturday I bought the shower stall at Home Depot (because the ones at Lowe’s either had shelves in weird places or had ugly fake tile on the walls) and arranged to have it delivered today.  So that made two kinds of showers predicted for today.

Just like the song “We’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain,” oh, we all come out to meet it when it comes!  The driver was laughing because the pigs actually came running to meet him; they thought that big thing on the truck was a great big edible treat, I’m sure.  Sorry, girls!  The three-dog welcoming committee and Herb came, too.  And of course I was there with my camera.

This cute little three-wheeled forklift thing-y is apparently called a “Moffett.”  According to the driver it’s not as fun as it looks because it tips over easily and is too small to have any counter-weight to what it’s lifting.  I believe him, but it sure does have a neat little turning radius that makes it fun to watch.  (Companies like it because it doesn’t add much weight to the truck.  I guess they don’t ask the drivers what they think!)

The Moffett zipped the 100+ lb. shower over under the shelter of the carport, not that I suppose water will do much harm to a shower.  The driver loaded the Moffett back onto the truck and took off, all very tamely with no scary tipping incidents.

With the shower safely settled, I turned my thoughts to the vanity and sink. I know we’re only about two weeks away from installing them, so I need to FINALLY figure out exactly what I want.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve heard me refer to the bathroom as The Lodge–in honor of the flat-tailed, dam-building rodents that helped the children escape the White Witch in Narnia.  (I don’t call those friendly animals by name on this blog because of a bad experience when I did that on a previous blog.  ‘Nuff said.)  So The Lodge is going to have a rustic woodsy look to it:  river rock floor, wood plank walls, a stone sink, a driftwood mirror, etc.  I see most of it clearly in my mind’s eye, but I’m not so clear on the vanity.

I have lots of ideas collected on Pinterest.  This simple countertop is Herb’s favorite; we’d use some barn wood (a picture of the barn is on the “Narnia in My Attic” Pinterest page) for the counter.  However, I keep coming back to this stump-vanity perhaps because of the stone sink.  I doubt I can find a huge, lovely stump like that, but I think that several logs in a semi-circle could produce a similar effect.  So this afternoon I headed out to the wood pile.

After carefully kicking the candidate logs (kicking candidates–how fun!) to scare away any woodpile-dwelling snakes, I rolled the logs into the tractor loader and brought them to the back yard where I put them on concrete blocks.  Why lug heavy stuff when you can play with a tractor?  “Tinker Toys!” I told Ben and Todd.  I knocked off loose bark, letting the earwigs and things escape, then washed the logs with plenty of water and a little disinfectant.  I need a scrub brush to get off the fungus that has grown under the bark, but this is a good beginning.  I hosed away all the suds on the ground, but I could have saved myself the trouble!

Before long the predicted showers arrived.  Shortly after I took this picture, the showers turned into torrential rain.  It’s a good thing my Tinker Toys are used to being out in the weather.