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Today was the 13th day of construction, and what an exciting day!  LOTS of things happened, but the most exciting was the sight I saw as I came up the driveway!

Stuart was installing the window in Aslan’s Tent!  (That’s the parents’ bedroom, if you’re new to the blog.  But stay tuned for a change in plans . . .)  I laid down flat in the grass to get the shot above, but the one below shows a better view of how Stuart was supported up there.

Any way you look at it, that’s a pretty precarious perch!

While I was taking pictures, Herb got home and came over to admire Stuart’s handiwork.  Misty and Hero both came up to greet Herb.  I missed the Heroic greeting, but this tender one made me Misty-eyed.  (Forgive the puns!)

Awww!  Dogs are wonderful!  Okay, back to the Room with a View . . .

To give a better perspective, I walked around to the side of the house.  You can see the ladders holding Stuart’s “scaffolding” where they extend beyond the huge hedge in front of our bedroom.  The stakes holding the ladders in place are chunks of 2x12s that Stuart sawed into a point and drove into the ground with a sledgehammer.  That was a smart safety move since both Ben and Todd were hard at work inside.  (The window at the left of the photo is the master bathroom window.  Our front bedroom window is hidden behind that hedge!)

This photo shows our bedroom (on the right) with Aslan’s Tent above it in relation to the main part of the attic (on the left) where Narnia is located.  It’s above our study window (with the basement windows below in the bottom left corner).

As I backed down the hill to get a shot of the whole house (Narnia on the far left, Aslan’s Tent in the left dormer), Hero and Misty followed me.  They want me to point out that they are the faithful guardians of the house and the entire farm.  Zephyr wasn’t here because she was inside enforcing her Rules!  I found her when I went inside to see what things look like from there.

Here I’m standing in the framed doorway to Aslan’s Tent looking toward the new window.

I walk through the “doorway” into the little hall, and I turn to the left to look at the closet.  Once the back wall of the closet is done you won’t be able to see the rafters anymore, but for now you can still see the rafter marked “cut” that was in this post.

Wait a sec; let me back up and let you see the entrance to Aslan’s Tent better.

Now you can see where the door will be.  When you step through the door, the closet will be on your left in the little hall, and a few more steps will take you into the room.  Stuart is barely visible outside the window, still hard at work!

We’ve walked all the way across the room to the window and turned around to see where we’ve just come from.  The closet is that little area behind the shop vac (which I think looks a little like Artoo-Detoo).  We can now see where the bedroom walls will be, and if the door was in place, we could shut it and hide Ben getting ready to climb up the ladder.

We’ll get back to Ben on the ladder in another post about today, but since this is about A Room with a View, let’s go look at that view!

Don’t mind Stuart; he’s putting the vinyl siding back in place.  Not a bad view!  And would you believe, in all the thinking I did about this attic conversion into Narnia, it never occurred to me that there’d be a great view from this room!  I guess my imagination just couldn’t penetrate that plywood wall and studs that were in the way!

Stuart worked pretty late today getting us “dried in.”  (In case you aren’t up on your construction lingo, that means a rainstorm wouldn’t leave us wet inside.  The siding’s in place and the window can shut, complete with a child-proof latches to keep adventurous grandkids from opening the window too far!

About the time Stuart brought down the first ladder (it had already begun to descend when I got this shot in, so you get an idea how far up there he was), he got a call he said was from “The Boss.”  “I thought YOU were the boss,” I said, just as it hit me.  “Oh, THAT Boss!” I said.  Yeah, THE Boss!  😀