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Stuart, Ben and Todd crew wrapped up their framing work today and cleaned everything up.

Ben wheeled the table saw down the stairs and out to the truck.  You know that really means they’re done with it!  You don’t lug that hulking thing downstairs if you might have to take it back up again!

The walls between the berth beds are framed in.  The GKs were over her for the morning and we took them upstairs to show them what’s happening.  I asked Charis if she knows who’s going to sleep up here.  She ducked her head and shyly whispered, “Charis and Tol.”  (That’s how she says Kol).

Yep, Charis, that’s going to be your side of the room; Kol will be on the other side.  Of course they can sleep wherever they want, but for decor puposes, I’m planning a girls’ side and a boys’ side.

Nice and swept clean, there’s the Book Nook on the left and the entrance to Narnia on the right.  The boys’ berths are on the side wall where the air compressor is sitting.

One very noticeable change happened today, and you couldn’t miss it happening because that saws-all makes more racket than the table saw!

The window is cut into the stairwell, giving a glimpse into what’s ahead before you mount the last couple stairs.  It will be lined in wood and get porch brackets in the upper two corners to give it a modified Gothic appearance.  There’s already a round window at the bottom of the stairs giving a glimpse of the family photo gallery on the stairwell walls.  That window says, “Family is important to us.”  Hopefully, this window will announce, “Something unusual is up here!”