Here’s a photo of Misty, our Livestock Guardian Dog, playing with our Sheltie, Zephyr, a week ago.

Here’s a photo of Misty yesterday in our front yard, barking at the neighbor who had come down to his mailbox.  Don’t worry, Misty, Mike isn’t going to hurt your chickens!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of Misty from this morning; you’ll just have to use your imagination. . . .  All the dogs were outside when the insulation guys and their boss arrived to finish the job.  The guys haven’t been here long enough to get used to our dogs, and Misty can be intimidating to some people, so I went outside to run interference.  It’s a good thing I did!

I got outside just in time to see the boss pursuing Misty as she ran in circles–with his bright red cell phone in her mouth!  “She took my cell phone!” he exclaimed, making another futile grab for Misty as she eluded his grasp.  (In Misty’s defense, he dropped it out of his lap when he got out of the truck.  I guess she figured “finders keepers.”)

I’m shocked to report that the two employees were completely useless:  They were too busy laughing!  I got Misty to come to me and took the phone away from her.  The boss got it back, hopefully none the worse for the wear (other than a bit of dog slobber).

I’ll just have to file that image in my brain with all the other “ones that got away.”