Friday while we were at our daughter Jenny’s graduation from Commissioned Officers’ Training in the Air Force, Kara held down the fort at home.  Thanks to her doing that, the inspector was able to come and pass us for our rough-in inspection.  That means the framing, plumbing and electric are fine, and we’re ready to go with insulation and sheetrock.

So the foam insulation guys arrived this morning in the pouring rain.  Luckily they had 300 feet of hose, so they didn’t have to drive this heavy trailer onto the soaking wet ground.

They did have to climb up a ladder in the rain, hauling the hose through the window into the attic.

Ready to go.

When I saw the white coveralls and gas masks, I asked if the insulation is toxic.  The guys said no, but it comes out in a mist and would get on your clothes and into your lungs.

So they taped plastic over the windows, shower, plumbing drains, etc.  And that meant I couldn’t get in there to take pictures.  😦  Not wanting to be covered in insulation, I didn’t complain!

When they were done, the slanted ceilings were covered by a layer of dense foam insulation.  It’s an expensive way to insulate, but in order to get R30 or R35 as required by code, Stuart would have had to double all the ceiling rafters with 2 x 12s at great cost and greatly reducing the ceiling height.  So this was the best option.

If you’ve ever tried that spray insulation in a can, you know it tends to expand and end up places where you don’t want it.  The guys had a special tool for that, to scrape the excess insulation off the joists.

When you see how hard they had to work at it, you get an idea how tough that stuff is. This is the apprentice, so he gets this job.

This is the guy who’s sprayed over 4,000 ceilings, so he gets to sweep up what the apprentice saws off!

Per Stuart’s clever instructions, they sprayed the shower stall.  The insulation acts as a sound barrier to keep the sound of water running in the shower from disturbing anyone who might be trying to sleep nearby.  Now that’s a feature our kids will love since their little ones will be sleeping just on the other side of the shower!

The crew is coming back tomorrow because the boss man saw some spots where he wants to add more insulation, and he wants to bring a saw to remove the excess.  I guess the apprentice wore out his scraping arm!  We’re always glad when someone wants to come back to make double-sure the job is done right. The boss likes working for Stuart, and he wants to keep Stuart happy.  And that makes me happy!