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Back in August, I found the perfect Lamp-Post at Lowe’s.

Except it wasn’t perfect.  It had a very un-Narnian Lamp-Post gold and black finish.  But I figured that was nothing I couldn’t cure with a can or two of black spray paint.

So I headed to the garage with two cans of Rust-Oleum satin finish black paint.  Today everything was good and dry, so I put the Lamp-Post together and tried it out in Narnia.

Now that’s a Lamp-Post worthy of Lantern Waste!

I found the perfect ship lights for the Dawn Treader berths at Lowe’s, too.

Except they weren’t perfect, either.  Lowe’s had either black or white to choose from, and the portholes (which will be below the lights) are brushed aluminum.  I opted for white, figuring it would be less obvious if the silver gets scratched through. I spent a few minutes taking apart the ship lights and applying masking tape before spraying them with some Rust-Oleum Brilliant Metal Finish in a brushed silver color.

Now that’s more like it!  There’s not much you can’t fix with either duct tape, hot glue, or spray paint!