Yesterday was the first chance Herb had to come with me to get the Wardrobe.  I wanted both of us to be there so the antique dealers I bought it from could be there to show us how to take it apart.

“It’s BIG!” Herb exclaimed.

Yep, but it comes apart.  Watch!

It takes three people, the dealers said.  She steadied it, he unscrewed the pins that hold the top on, and Herb steadied the heavy mirrored door.  He lifted the top off while they both held things together.

The door came off, followed by both panels on either side of it.  They have nice little grooves to slide in and out of.

Next went the two sides, followed by the two back panels.  All that was left was the bottom, easy enough for one person to carry once the drawers were removed.  When it’s time to put the Wardrobe upstairs, we’ll just look at this post and do the same thing in reverse.  (It’s going to be several weeks, at least, which is why I took pictures to remind us.)

Probably the trickiest part of the whole operation was loading it into the back of the truck and figuring out how to tie it down.

All I can say is, it’s a good thing Herb is so athletic!

And in case anyone wants to know what my job was for Operation Wardrobe, I was the official photographer, of course!