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Here are photos from Days 22 through 24 of construction.  Three days, three good things . . .

Sheetrock going up in the craft room, thanks to stilts!  I asked how he gets down, and learned that he jumps.  I guess I won’t be borrowing those when I do the faux painting!

About half of the hall was done on Monday (here’s the Book Nook) and all of the craft room.

Of course, there’s still taping and bedding, sanding, priming, etc. so there’s still a long way to go. But we can definitely see what it’s going to look like when it’s done.

This morning Junior’s Building Materials delivered the D-siding for The Lodge.

I just ordered it Monday, so I was surprised that it came so quickly.  The driver didn’t have anyone to help him unload, so I pitched in.  That’s my workout for today!

A close-up of the stacked siding gives a tantalizing glimpse of how it will look on the bathroom walls.  Now I better get busy and make a decision on the exterior toner I plan to use to protect the logs from the humidity.

That’s two good things, and I saved the best for last!

Ben and Todd have been busy with bead board, and the Dawn Treader berths are taking shape.  Kara helped out by holding up one of the portholes.  What you can’t see is how cool it looks with Stuart’s clever metal lining inside the wall between the two portholes.  It looks very ship-shape!