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Taping and bedding is progressing, and the Reliable guys have gotten the heat on so things will dry properly.  Today was such a lovely day out, though, that we opened all the windows to get a breeze through the upstairs.  It’s surprising how humid things can get just from the amount of spackling compound used in the taping and bedding.

In the above photo, I’m standing in the door of Narnia (which I can do for now because the Wardrobe isn’t in place) looking into the hall.  The ladder is in the Book Nook of the Cair Paravel Library; the doorway with the light coming through is the craft room door; and the yellow showing through the little opening is the stairway wall.

Now I’ve stepped back into Narnia, looking at the boys’ berths and the doorway that will eventually be covered by the Wardrobe.  I love the bead board berths, but when I practiced staining some scrap pieces, I was dismayed at how blotchy they looked.  I think I’ve found a product on the internet that will help prevent that, Charles Niel’s Pre-Color Conditioner.  I’m awfully glad I tested some scraps first!

The craft room is looking great.  I think I’ll paint it the same light yellow I used downstairs and in the stairwell–that will make future touch-ups that much easier.

I’m standing in the craft room door looking at The Lodge and the door to the stairs.  The Lodge still needs its log walls put up, and the stairway door has to disappear.  We’ll get there, though!  It’s hard to believe that today is only the 27th day of construction, and that this was a bare attic a mere 6 1/2 weeks ago!