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Once I switched directions and appropriated the planned Aslan’s Tent (parents’ bedroom) for my own craft room and decided to make the current craft room be Aslan’s Tent, I didn’t have a name for the new room.  Today I thought of a name.

But first, let me give you a sneak peek into The Lodge where painter Jon Cordes of City Color Painting (recommended on our son’s real estate website) has already painted the sky/ceiling.

The pretty blue will be partially obscured in some way since we’re supposed to be underwater in a (ahem!) flat-tailed rodent’s lodge.  I’m still working on how to do that.

Meanwhile, Jon was also busy in the craft room.

When I saw how bright and cheerful it is, I suddenly decided to call it Mimi’s Cave!  It’s a joke–get it?  Nothing could be more cavelike, but it is my special place.  Just goes to show what Tumnus’ Cave could have looked like if he’d had a female faun in his life!