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Three guys were at work upstairs today, but the question is:  Were they working hard or hardly working?  You be the judge . . .

Todd and Ben spent most of the day sawing logs.  They know Stuart looks at this blog and so does Todd’s mom, so everyone will know they were sleeping on the job!  For all that sawing logs, this is what they did today:


All of The Lodge is framed with trim and nailers for the logs.  One and a half walls are done.

The curvy logs make a beautiful pattern against the trim boards.  Ben also installed the supports for the vanity which will hold the very heavy stone sink.

Too bad I didn’t have the camera handy, but he jumped up and down on his support bars to show me they’re strong enough to hold the sink up!

He actually built the supports into the wall.  I think the whole family could jump up and down on that vanity!

While Ben and Todd were busy sawing logs, Jon spent most of the day sky-gazing.  This is part of what he had to show for his day:

Everything in Narnia that isn’t Dawn Treader berths is now sky-colored.  Jon used the first coat to experiment with different blending techniques, and I helped out a bit.  I also tried some cloud techniques and a technique for spattering glow-in-the-dark stars onto the top of the ceiling.  While the first coat of sky dried, Jon went on to start the first coat in Cair Paravel.  (You can see some of the rejected sample colors through the doorway.  Tomorrow Jon and I will try our hand at faux-painting the final coat of the sky.  Wish us luck!

I have to say, for all the sawing logs and sky-gazing, I think everyone was really working hard!