I have a shameful confession:  I enjoy watching “Hoarders.”  One of the phrases frequently uttered by Matt Paxton, the organizer, or occasionally by one of the psychologists is: “Trust the process.”

Part of the process of staining woodwork is testing on a sample board first.  I did, and I liked my English Chestnut Minwax color.

Then today as I was staining, I thought, “That looks awfully red!  What am I going to do with it?”  But since I had already started staining, there was nothing to do but continue.

As the stain got wiped off and dried, it lost its red tinge and simply retained a nice warm look.  (This photo is in daylight.)

This photo of two berths is lit by a powerful work light because the sun went behind a cloud and abandoned me.  I still like the way it looks, and I’m glad I trusted the process!

I was encouraged in my work by Herb who came and approved and also by Ben, who stopped by to work on some doors.  Ben said he made cabinets for 20 years, and he thinks my berths look great.  He said that pine is one of the hardest things to stain because it blotches.  I give all the credit to Charles Neil!  His blotch control was an important part of the process.