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I got busy early this morning putting a second coat of stain on the berths.

You can see the difference it makes–not so much making the color darker, but richer.

You can definitely tell which one I’ve done!  I would have liked to get all four of them done before the floor installers came, and this is why:

As it was, I got two done before they were ready to start on Narnia.  While I had been busy staining, they had been busy in Mimi’s Cave.

We had this laminate on hand, so it seemed crazy not to use it.  Even though we didn’t buy it at End of the Roll, they were happy to install it for us.  They were fast, efficient and pleasant, and they cleaned up their mess when they were done!

This flooring makes a bright room even brighter–and no worries if I spill paint on it.

Ben hung the closet doors yesterday; they’re waiting for paint and some lion pulls.  Next up, Narnia.

I chose the mocha color hand-scraped flooring because it looks exactly like the deck of the Dawn Treader in the movie, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

It was fascinating watching the guys lay the floor.  They started each line of flooring at the far wall, using a different-sized first piece each time.  They had a pattern: medium, short, tiny (like the one getting nailed in in this photo), short, medium, short, tiny, etc.  That kept the rows staggered so no two side-by-side boards ended up at the same place, giving a flowing visual as you look at the floor.

It was late in the day when they finished up, so I used the flash to show what it looks like in daylight.

It will look even better when I get the second coat of stain on the girls’ berths.

It was going on 6 p.m. when I took the last photo with no electric lights and very little daylight left.  Our grandkids love to nap and sleep in very dark rooms, and I think when we turn out the lights in Narnia, it will be a perfect place to sleep.  We’ll have to be sure to get an ocean wave noisemaker.  Now if only those ship berths would really rock back and forth!