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Yesterday was Day 39 of construction, although I’m not sure I should count it since I was the one doing the work.  The floors were finished on Thursday, and Stuart’s team doesn’t work on Fridays, so I put the extra day to use.

First up, a photo of how well the Faded Brick carpet color works with our living room.

That deep red trim on the pillow closest to the camera is repeated many times as an accent in our living room, and there’s even an antique carpet rocker with that color velvet fabric.

Yesterday’s project was to apply the second coat of stain to the last two berths.  Since the floor has been installed, I had to spend extra time protecting it.  First, I taped off around the bottom of everything I was going to stain.  Next, I laid out a drop cloth and folded it to just fit into the berth.  Finally, I taped the drop cloth to the tape on the floor giving me a work area that would not pull loose when I moved around on it.

Once the berths are done, I’ll do a complete DIY post explaining what I did.

As you can see, I really get into my work–or should I say my work really gets on to me?  I’m not worried as long as it doesn’t get onto the floor!

The completed berths look good in the sunlight, contrasting nicely with the floor.  There was a lighter-colored floor I considered, but I’m glad I chose the darker mocha color.  It might have been a bit boring if all the wood in Narnia was the same color.  And I must say, this floor really does look like an old ship deck.