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Yesterday was Day 41 of construction although two of those days, I was the only one working.  🙂  Todd has left to pursue his future (we wish you the best, Todd, and miss your smiling face), so Stuart introduced David, his newest employee.  David did something I’m very excited about!

He put the portholes in!  Like a kid, I couldn’t wait to try them out!

At the same time, Ben was busy installing the trim I had stained and poly’d.  It really makes the berths look great!   Here’s a closer look at both the trim and the portholes.

They really work!  (We’ve talked it over with Jim and Monique and think that for now we won’t show the kids how to open them.  It just seems wiser to avoid temptation with a 20-month old who can climb anything!)

Now that Ben’s got the trim in place, I need to get in there and finish the polyurethane on the berths.  Three first coats, four to sand, and four to second-coat.  I won’t be bored!

Stuart discovered a hiccup in the work on The Lodge.  Stone Source has no clue where our river rock tile is although I ordered it several weeks ago.  (Did they?)  We don’t know when it will arrive, but David went ahead and started laying the cement fiber backer board.  It got thin-set in place which makes me feel a whole lot better about not being able to have a door on the shower.  This way, any water that gets outside the shower curtain will be a lot less likely to seep through into the sub floor.

I picked up the Olympic Max deck stain at Lowe’s where a very helpful salesman custom-mixed a quart and tested it on the back of my log sample to be sure it was the right color.  He was willing to sell me a gallon and count the quart as a mis-tint, but with the inside of the door to stain, too, I went ahead and took both.  One plus to having the tile delayed is that I now have plenty of time to stain all the log walls after Ben is done putting the last few in tomorrow.

Meanwhile, thanks to input from family, Kara and I decided on a shower curtain from Café Press, Gustav Klimt’s pine forest.  I’m waiting to order it until the bathroom is stained and has lighting in place to be sure of the colors, but we really like it.  I feel sure the rodents in question will love it!