Dear John,

This is hard to say, but I must tell you what is in my heart:  I do not love you!  I love another.

I love another whom I cannot have.  His soul is too large to confine, and so I must set him free for another to love.  I may have bid him farewell, but he will always remain in my heart and in my mind.

Yes, you are here, John, and that must count for something!  I suppose I am grateful that Phil introduced us.  But you are simply not The One of my dreams!  There is something twisted and awkward about you.  I feel that deep down you are not quite clean and wholesome, as if little motes of filth were settling upon you.

Yet I am a realist, John, and I know that I need someone here with me.  If you are the one who is willing to stay, then I will accept you.  I will try to appreciate you and care for you . . . but I will always love another!

Yours truly,