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Our son bequeathed me his collection of swords and knives to use as decorations in Narnia–high on the walls out of reach of the GKs, of course!  They had been stored in his basement, and several of the blades were badly rusted while the scabbards had a mildewy haze.  Below are the knives and swords after we got them back from High Point Antiques: cleaned, de-rusted, polished and given a protective finish.  The knives look great now, but the scabbards are still pretty dingy.
Here’s a close-up of some of the scabbards.

DSC_5386The main thing they needed was a good cleaning so I got a bottle of Lexol Leather Cleaner (enriched with glycerin).

The main difference from saddle soap is that Lexol doesn’t need water.  I thoroughly dampened a clean rag with the Lexol and rubbed it all over the leather until it made suds.

Then I wiped it dry with another clean rag.  This left the leather of the scabbard moistened and richer in color (although I’ll probably use some Lexol Leather Conditioner to further moisten and restore the leather).

Here’s another scabbard showing the foamy suds from scrubbing with the Lexol cleaner.

You can see the dirt on the rag that wiped off, leaving decorations in the leather visible for the first time in a long time.

Here are some of the leather scabbards, cleaned, enriched, and looking almost as good as new, ready for their shiny partners.

Another project down!