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Ben’s busy day happened on Dec. 20, but I’m just now catching up after Christmas.  It was a long, busy day, and I’m grateful for everything he did because he got Narnia ready for company.















He installed the brackets I had painted, turning the ordinary window in the wall into a Gothic-style arch.  It’s a suitably elegant peek into the curious world at the top of the stairs.


He mounted the lion drawer pulls on the closet door of Spare Oom.















He mounted the antique French door knocker on the door of The Lodge so people can check to see if the bathroom is occupied.


He mounted my oil-rubbed bronze-painted lion head knocker inside The Lodge to serve as a place to hang a towel or a change of clothes.















He drilled holes into the second lion knocker and mounted it on the wall by the sink to hold hand towels.















He hung the driftwood mirror over the stone sink.


His final task in The Lodge was to enhance the river rock floor.  This seals and protects the stone as well as bringing out its natural color.















The day before, Ben had assembled the Wardrobe in Cair Paravel across the door of Narnia.















On this long, busy day, he finished installing the Wardrobe.  He attached it to the wall with straight metal braces; bent angle brackets to reinforce the side panels to the frame; carefully removed the drawer fronts from their dovetailing and braced the now “faux” drawer fronts in place; and finally, removed the batten trim from the Wardrobe so he could hinge the door in place.  (I have to darken the stain where the batten was removed.)















In the top photo of the Wardrobe, you can see the center braces that the drawers slid along.  Since this interfered with us stepping through the Wardrobe, Ben removed and preserved the center brace, replacing it with a brace behind each side panel (see above).















Here’s a closer look showing how we can now step through the wardrobe while standing upright, something we could not have done had we kept the drawers and floor in place.  All that remains is to find step stools to help the kids climb over until they grow some more!















I wanted to honor Ben with a photo at the end of the day because he did such a craftsmanlike job with the Wardrobe, respecting and preserving its status as an antique while making sure it would be sturdy and safe as The Wardrobe into Narnia.  Thank you, Ben, for a job so well done!