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Before my daughter Jenny told me that this room would make the best craft room, Spare Oom was going to be the parents’ bedroom.  And even though its most frequent use is for other things, it makes a great bedroom.
So while I was buying curtains at WalMart, I bought some room-darkening curtains for Spare Oom along with two sets of spring tension café rods so I could hang a pair of lace curtains I’ve been saving ever since we moved back from France in 2001!  There’s a reason I’m a pack rat!

The thing I’ve really been enjoying about Spare Oom is that with all the storage space, I have room for my scrapbooking and craft supplies along with room for a work table and a 6′ folding table that’s perfect when I need to spread out and scrapbook.

That’s just what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, and it’s wonderful to be able to go off and leave a mess that doesn’t bother anyone.  And it’s wonderful to come back and be able to pick up just where I left off!

Yes, I’m loving Spare Oom!