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734480_603731919641478_334213336_nI found this on Facebook today and thought it was a lovely image.

I hope Narnia and all the books in Cair Paravel will sprinkle lots of stardust over our grandchildren’s lives!  I hope Aslan and Tumnus, Lucy and Peter, Billy and Blaze, Pod and Arrietty, Laura and Mary Ingalls–and a whole host of other characters–will be their childhood companions through countless imaginary adventures.  I want them to look back on magical memories of pony rides on Julie, helping Didi feed the animals in the barnyard and making crafts with Mimi.

My family moved around so much that I rarely got to spend time with my grandmothers, and I only knew one grandfather, who spent his time in front of the TV. I loved my grandmothers, but I have so few memories of things we did together.  My own children missed out on what having grandparents can be.  My husband’s parents died before any of them were born, and my parents were so strict that spending time with them was more something to dread.

A few years ago I looked at our children’s book collection and said that some day I wanted to be the Book Grandma.  When we moved here, I said I wanted to be the Farm Grandma.  Then we built Narnia, and I would say I want to be the Narnia Grandma–but this quote says it so much better.  I want to be the Stardust Grandma!  I think that pretty much covers everything grandparents can be to their grandchildren!