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The carpet remnants from Cair Paravel took care of protecting the bottoms of the bed rockers, but the beds themselves were still ugly bare plywood.  But I had a plan for that!


We had four boards cut to length at Lowe’s which I stained and poly’d the same as the berths.  Herb (by the way, the last picture of him ever at age 59!) is my go-to man when there’s drilling to be done.  First he drilled two holes in each board so we could screw the pulls in.  This had to be done first since the screws would be caught between the board and the bed once the board was screwed in.


Here’s one of the trim boards with the lion pulls screwed in and five more (silver-colored) 2″ wood screws attaching the board to the side of the bed.  We’ll take a closer look in the following photos.


A close-up of one of the lion head pulls from Van Dyke’s Restorers (see the Purveyors page).


A close-up of the lion pull in the finished trim board.


Herb counter-sank all the screw holes, a time-consuming operation, but one that enabled all exterior decoration to easily cover the screws since they were level with the board’s surface.


In the middle of each board I applied a wood decoration from Hobby Lobby.  I used Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue which dries quickly.


The weight of a full can of polyurethane was sufficient to press the wood decoration down while it dried.


Here’s a close-up of the finished decoration.  These cost about $3 each, much cheaper than anywhere else I had seen ones like them.  I stained them, then gilded them with Rub ‘n Buff, then poly’d them.  I was really pleased with how they turned out.


The final step for each trim board was to cover up the silver wood screws.  I bought Antique Daisy upholstery tacks at Ace Hardware for this purpose.  I gently hammered one tack directly above the screw with the nail part almost touching the edge of the screw.


I hammered another tack in below the screw.  Still a bit of screw showing, so . . .


on each side of the screw I hammered in another tack.  This time I moved them a smidgen further away from the edge of the screw.  I could have moved them further away so they wouldn’t have been on top of the first tacks, but I liked the bas relief effect of layering them on top.


Here’s a look at one end of the trim board with the screws hidden by upholstery tacks.


Here’s a full-length view of the finished trim board on Kol’s bed.  My fancy upholstery tacks are actually hidden by the curtains, but at least I’m not bothered by the thought of ugly silver screws under there!


This photo of Charis’ bed is a bit dark, but it shows how well the trim board ended up matching the paneling of the berth, making the bed look built-in.


I had forgotten to include photos of the ends of the berths earlier, so here’s a shot with the little lanterns I got at World Market hanging on the crown hooks.  I will NEVER put candles upstairs, but little battery-operated tea lights make perfect night lights for the kids–lots more fun in a lantern than something you plug into the wall.


The kids arrive tonight for a weekend of festivities celebrating Didi’s 60th birthday, and thanks to some work from Didi, their beds are FINALLY, completely done!


Aslan is ready and waiting for the kids.  Naughty lion, he nearly gave Herb a heart attack when he went upstairs and saw him laying there so lifelike!  It’s a good thing he’s a pretty healthy 60 year old!