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At the very end of December, Herb built the rocking bed platforms for the kids’ Dawn Treader berths . . . and the ugly plywood has been glaring at me ever since.  Once I got my health back and got Herb’s 60th birthday planned, I finally got down to finishing the beds.  DSC_8220

Charis and Kol spent the day earlier this week, and after their nap, all she wanted to do was color.

DSC_8222So Kol came upstairs with me to be my helper/observer while I worked on the beds.


First I flipped his bed upside down.  Here’s what the rocker on one end looks like.  It’s great–except I’ve been afraid to pull the beds out from the wall to make them up, for fear of scratching the floor.


The first step (I learned the hard way by not doing it first on the first rocker) was to trim off all the excess carpet “shag” along one long edge of carpet remnant.  It’s much easier to do this off the rocker than on!


The next step was to line the carpet remnant up along the edge of the rocker.  I made sure my nice straight carpet edge was on the most exterior edge of the rocker; this way any shagginess in my cutting technique would be hidden under the shadow of the bed on the interior edge.

Then I took a small metal staple and positioned it close to the end of the rocker . . .

DSC_8221. . . and hammered it in all the way.  (Sorry there’s no photo of the actual hammering step, but I didn’t think Kol could aim the camera well enough–and I KNEW I couldn’t while hammering!)  I repeated this step about every 3-4 inches along the rocker.  As you can see, a dimple is left where each staple goes in.


The final step was to use a utility knife to cut away the excess carpet along the one end and along the inside edge of the runner.  Then I brushed away the little shreds of carpet fiber that littered the floor all around.


And that’s all it took to protect the bottoms of the beds!  Each time Kol saw a staple disappear into the carpet fiber he wanted to come look for it.  We had to look really hard to find the staple down in all that plushness.  There’s no chance any metal is going to scrape our nice Dawn Treader deck!

Charis and Kol can now rock (themselves) to the rhythm of the waves as they sail from Narnia into the Land of Nod.

(Stay tuned for Part II.)