My alter ego lives on Blogger.  Unfortunately, recently Blogger has been editing my photos as it uploads them, bleaching the life out of my sunsets and sunrises as it apparently tries to “enhance” them–and there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn it off.

Trying to change settings, I noticed the “upload from a url” option and got an idea.  I’m going to upload the photos here (let’s see if WordPress will leave them alone!), then upload them to my Adventures on Zephyr Hill Farm using the url.  Let’s see if it works . . .

Sunrise from our front porch (which faces east).

Sun-limned clouds at sunset from our back porch (which faces west).

You may wonder why I bothered to specify which way our porches face.  It should be obvious if we see sunsets and sunrises, which is which.  Right?

Looking out my front porch as the sun set earlier this month.

Looking out my front porch at sunset just the other evening.  Really?  Sunset in the east?  That’s something I’ve never seen in almost six decades of sunsets!

Who says there’s nothing new under the sun?