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Monday I painted and stained the dollhouse.

On the roof, I used the stain left over from the woodwork in Narnia, applied it with a rag (using plastic gloves), and touched up with a brush.  Then I wiped it with another rag to even out the color.  I then turned a glove inside out over the stain-filled rag and twisted it shut.  That way it’s ready to go if I need to touch anything up.  The roof will get shingles, but the stain on the base helps hide any gaps between shingles.

Here’s what it looked like when I finished the roof.

Next I primed the siding, again using leftover primer from Narnia and a soft, narrow artist’s brush.

I sat down to paint so I could see up under the boards and make sure I covered everything.  When I got to the first floor of the house, I tipped the house back using a Kleenex box so I could make sure everything got covered.  Occasionally it was necessary to brush upwards to get the line underneath each lap board covered.

DSC_6649Once I had the tricky little parts done, I tried using a larger brush to make things go quicker.  I quickly decided that the larger brush put too much paint on, so I abandoned it.

You can already see a problem developing . . .  The lap siding began to ripple.  Even though my primer was older and fairly thick as opposed to being very liquid, the water content made the siding more ridgy than Ruffles!

So I placed the house on my wooden board to try to flatten one side then covered the top side with plastic and weighted it down.  Then I abandoned it for the rest of the week.

The great reveal on Friday shows that the front of the house doesn’t look too bad . . .

. . . although a close-up under the window reveals some rippling.

The sides are the part that doesn’t look so good.  It’s SO disappointing after putting so much work into it!  Before I put the exterior color on, I need to do some research.  Better late than never, I guess!