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It has been a VERY long time since I’ve worked on the dollhouse.  The farm has taken up more of my time this past year as my husband was finishing his third year of a counseling master’s degree along with a full-time internship.  When he graduated in May, I got him busy working on my huge “Honey Do” list, which lasted most of the summer.  Now he’s gotten it mostly done and has started his first counseling job.  So I am finally getting back to work on the dollhouse in Narnia!

I left the dollhouse so long ago with the exterior siding repaired and (finally) primed correctly, with an oil-based primer.  The inside remained untouched and neglected . . .

The first thing I did was to stain the floors of the first and second stories of the house.  I plan to cover them with narrow floorboards, but there are bound to be tiny gaps.  A dark stain underneath will make them look more realistic than if I left the white pine showing through.

The second step was to prime the interior with the same oil-based primer.  I started up in the attic and primed the ceiling, walls, and floor–because I intend to cover it with “linoleum” instead of wood flooring.

I stained the staircase, too, and set it in place to see how it looks.  Well . . . no real-life mother in her right mind would let any child she cared about go up or down THAT staircase, but this is the world of dolls where no child ever falls and gets hurt and mothers don’t have to worry!  🙂


Back to the priming–you’ll notice that I opted to use a disposable paintbrush because I’m lazy and HATE cleaning oil-based paint out of expensive paintbrushes.  I’ve finally learned that I won’t do it, and I’ll just have to throw them away–so now I buy disposable ones to begin with!


When I was ready to start priming the walls of the first and second stories, I needed to protect my stained floors from the primer.  I knew that the spaces were too tiny to effectively put down masking tape, so I came up with another solution:  scrapbooking pages.  I have bought many scrapbooks that had white pages in them that I removed to replace with colored paper.  Being a bit of a pack rat, I kept all those white pages because I knew they would come in handy some day.  Well, Some Day had arrived!


Once one side of a room was painted, I put a new, un-painty scrapbook page in the other half and held it down as I painted along the edge of the floor.  I used 8 x 8 pages in the small rooms and 12 x 12s in the large rooms.


Any little smears of white paint were easily wiped away with my still-damp stain-wiping rag, and everything ended up looking pretty good.


Now that the painters were temporarily done, it was time to call the electrician!