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While paging through Acorn’s catalog in early December looking for Christmas gift ideas, I found a set of four crown hooks.  I promptly pinned them on my Narnia Pinterest board, told my husband they’d make great stocking stuffers, and gave him the catalog.  Thanks to this subtle hint, the crowns arrived a short time later.

They were even better than I had expected–large, ornately decorated, and each one unique.  Their only “defect” was that their antiqued black color was not much fun for a children’s room.  But I already had a plan for that!

The photo at left shows the difference after the first crown got transformed.


It was so easy to apply the Midas touch to my crown hooks that I’m almost embarrassed to tell how I did it.  All it took was one finger, a clean rag . . .

and a tiny dab of Antique Gold Rub ‘N Buff  from Hobby Lobby.

I used tiny dabs of Rub ‘N Buff (as shown above) on the rag, gently rubbing it across the raised areas of the crowns until I added as much gold as I wanted.

Using Rub ‘N Buff is like using gold metallic shoe polish.  It dries fairly quickly and is easily buffed to a shine with a bit of clean rag.

I protected the gilded crowns with two light coats of clear acrylic spray, and they were ready to hang.


Each Dawn Treader berth got a crown at the foot of the bed, ready for hanging pajamas, robes–or, as Charis and Kol preferred, night light lanterns I made by putting battery-operated tea lights into small Moroccan lanterns.


It took about 15 minutes to finish gilding my four lantern hooks.  If Rub ‘N Buff had existed in mythological times, poor King Midas would have been out of business!

I’ve used Rub ‘N Buff in the past to dress up an ordinary picture frame and to touch up damaged gold leaf on a vintage mirror.  The possibilities are endless.  In fact, I’d say you can probably put the Midas touch on anything that isn’t actually alive and moving!  And I suppose that with a friend or two to hold down the cat, you could probably gild it, too!