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I’d heard of Pinterest, but hadn’t found a good reason to sign up. Then when I started to plan Narnia, Pinterest kept coming up on searches I did for different styles of decor.  Suddenly, Pinterest had become a valuable tool–and I joined the Pinterest community.

I use my “Narnia in My Attic: The Grandkids’ Dorm” board as a place to collect a wide variety of inspiration photos:

beds under eaves for the kids’ Dawn Treader berths

Moroccan interiors and Gypsy style for Aslan’s Tent (the parents’ room)

woodland style for The Lodge (bathroom)

It’s been extremely helpful in showing contractors, carpenters and others what I’m trying to achieve.  Even if there’s no internet service at a particular store, I can whip out my iPad (with my Pinterest board already open on it) and scroll up and down to save 1,000 words of explanation with a picture!

I’m still keeping an old-fashioned binder of inspiration photos, too, but I’ve uploaded several of them to Pinterest.  That way all my resources are available in one place–and maybe someone else will like the ideas I’ve saved from years’ old magazines.  This inspiration photo for the Narnia ceiling was apparently unavailable on the internet, so I scanned it, posted it to my blog and then “pinned” it; numerous other people have “repinned” it, so I’m glad I put it up.

You can also pin photos directly from your computer, as I’ve done with this chandelier and many other things I’ve bought.  You never know what might help inspire someone who knows in their head what they want, but just can’t quite picture it.  You know, that old “I’ll know it when I see it” feeling!

So if you’re undertaking any kind of construction or decor project, consider creating an inspiration board on Pinterest!  Just click and get going!